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Our work depends on a diverse group of volunteers, who connect with people from all walks of life.  Possessing a genuine empathy, a knowledge of the community and an unwavering commitment to Wave Hub, they make an invaluable contribution. 

We have volunteering roles to suit a variety of skill sets, time commitments and interests.  If you have time to spare and want to help out practically, please be in touch with us using the orange "Contact" button above.

Some of our current wonderful volunteers tell us why they like Volunteering at Wave Hub:


"I've lived in Muswell Hill for nearly 40 years. Volunteering at Wave Hub is not only a good way of engaging with the community but also gives the opportunity of working with a great team and learning new skills. I'm happy to give my time for such a rewarding experience and have benefited enormously from it as well as making new friends."


"Our resident knitter is not content unless she is knitting. “I’ve always knitted but it’s only lately that I’ve had more time to devote to it. It takes me quite a long time to make something so I don’t often sell my work but tend to make things for people that I love. I’ve taught children and adults to knit and you really only need to have a bit of perseverance until you’re confident. Many older women learned to knit when they were young and it’s not something you forget. I’m interested in the social side of knitting and crocheting. I love seeing people come together to knit and chat.”


“I had volunteered at other local food charities and was looking for a new challenge. A neighbour introduced me to the team at Wave Hub. I started volunteering the following week and have been with them since last October. The Wave Hub team and all of the cafe customers are some of the friendliest people I have met. I get a real sense of achievement working together with the staff and students. I go home each Thursday with a smile on my face”.


"I am in year 12 at school going into year 13 and I currently volunteer at Wave Hub on Thursdays. I have recently helped out with their fundraising event of the Sponsored Walk. I started Wave Cafe volunteering as a part of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, but continued due to how much I enjoyed it. One of the reasons I love Wave Hub is because of the wonderful community atmosphere that is present. I really enjoy being able to talk to lots of different people and understanding more perspectives about the world. I love how welcome I am made to feel when I am at the cafe.
Another reason I love it is because of all the wonderful activities that I am able to take part in. I especially enjoy helping out in the kitchen - and eating the cakes! - as well as joining in with the many different art activities in the art room. I like how the art room activity often changes so I can often try something new. I am excited to take part in the yoga activity some time in the future."



"Having grown up in a household with a person with severe disability I know first hand how places like Wave Hub can transform the lives of entire families, quite literally. It’s in places like that that anyone can make friends, relax, learn new skills and give much needed breath and rest to all the family members.

Before having my children and looking after them, I worked for the charity called IPOP and for Whitefield Secondary School. I always enjoyed supporting young people of all abilities, whether it was on residential trips, after school clubs or dance classes. IPOP provided me with tones of training and experience. At school I worked as a TA and learning mentor, I supported both individual kids and whole forms and it has been something I started to miss when my

kids got bigger.


I also have experience of working in catering, love cooking and have done and been interested in art all my life, since my dad is an artist. Volunteering at the cafe ticks all those boxes. I volunteer because I found myself in a lucky situation when I have got time and skills to offer. I simply enjoy being with people, organising fun activities, laughing, talking and knowing that my work can brighten someone’s day."

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