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Local Business Partnerships

We are a local charity run by local people for the local community. 

We are now inviting local businesses to partner with us through a simple, flexible sponsorship arrangement including:

  • Contributing to your local community

  • Making mutual introductions and referrals

  • Promoting events at Wave Hub

  • Increasing your profile in the local area

  • Providing us with regular financial support

Wave Hub finances

Our annual costs are around £70k

  • paying staff, artists, chefs, etc

  • paying to use the café building

  • buying food, drink and materials

  • and modest administrative costs


Our trading income and donations from supporters amount to £40k per annum, leaving a funding gap of around £30k

Our vision is to close some of this gap with sponsorship from local businesses. 

10-12 partnerships each giving £50-£100 monthly would generate £10k per annum.

If you would like to partner with us in any other way, please contact us through the "Contact" button above

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