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Raise funds for us

We very much appreciate supporters raising money for us. 

There are many ways in which this can be done - here's what's coming up, and examples of past events...

Do be in touch with us if you'd like to try organising something

Current fund raising activities

We are currently planning some fun fund-raising events events for Autumn 2024.


Check here for details - or contact us if you have ideas of your own

Past fund raising activities

A group of around 30 enjoyed a wonderful walk through Highgate Wood, Alexandra Park and the local neighbourhood, while raising money for Wave Hub.  Some walkers elected to return for tea after 5km, while others continued to clock up 10km before coming back.  Menwhile, others stayed in the cafe and tried their hand at David's imaginative arts table.

Many thanks to all who contributed through sponsorship, running stalls, providing cakes, serving in the cafe - and walking for us!

Four intrepid runners negotiated the London Landmarks Half Marathon for us on 7th April - three running the distance for the first time. Sadly, Jacqui was injured so had to sit it out this time.  Thanks to your sponsorship, they raised over £5,000 for us! Plus they all had a great time, as did everyone who turned out to support.  We shall definitely do this again, so if you fancy running 13.1 miles around famous London sites for a terrific cause, please let us know.


Many thanks and congratulations to the team....


Huge thanks to Nick, who chose Wave Hub as his sponsorship cause when trekking all the way to Mount Everest base camp, and raised nearly £4,000 for us.  He is an experienced hiker, but had never previously tackled the Himalayas, the world's highest mountain range.  Nick knows Wave Hub through his wife, Claire, who is one of our regular cafe volunteers.

Florence Wright organised a Clothes Swap at Wave Hub last September.  It was great fun - everyone who came got some lovely new "pre-loved" clothes, enjoyed mocktails, and played cards together. 

Some people came who had never been to Wave Hub before, so the event was great for raising awareness.   And because it cost very little to run, all the ticket sales went straight to our funds. 

Viv Roberts_edited.jpg

Many thanks to Viv Roberts, who has run sell-out Advent Wreath Making workshops for us in each of the past two years.

An evening of creativity and fun, resulting in stunning wreaths fit to dress any front door! This year's event raised over £1,000, which makes a real difference to our finances.

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